Patrick was the obvious choice for our wedding photography for our big day.  For the first communications to the day of the event he was personal, clear and easy to work with.  He has a wonderfully creative mind for unique shots, taking advantage of the curiosities the venue had to offer.  He had a great rapport with everyone in the wedding party and put us all at ease...and handled a large group of performers with big personalities with great professionalism!  During the ceremony and reception, Patrick got great shots without being obtrusive or noticeable.  We were amazed at the shots he got, capturing the spirit and energy of our event perfectly.  The final photos were beautiful and he would recommend him to anyone looking for a personable and professional photographer with an eye for creative detail. - Adam

                                                                                         Patrick Buckley is the definition of a professional, easy to work with photographer.  He makes his sessions quick, fun and puts you at ease immediately. His eye for lighting and ability to shoot quickly and efficiently makes him a particularly excellent choice for professional head shots and portraits.  I have also had the joy of watching him photograph weddings and other events and he is always capturing the best moments discreetly and effectively!  Not only that, but he is a wonderfully kind person and if you are lucky to have his wife, Ashley, around for your shoot, working with the two of them together is even more fun.  I have gotten more compliments on the head shots I had taken by Patrick than any of my others in the last ten years that I have been working as a professional actor. He will always ensure that you look your best. Thank you Patrick! - Kate


Patrick Buckley is an amazing photographer! He has photographed the most memorable times of my life.  I love working with Patrick so much, that not only did he photograph my engagement session, he also photographed my wedding and my maternity photos!  He is very personable and easy to work with.  Patrick is extremely knowledgeable in his profession and his pictures are like a work of art.  I couldn't ask for a better photographer! - Lisa


I cannot say enough about my experiences with Patrick Buckley as a photographer.  He has a way with the camera and is able to manipulate shots to have them turn out perfectly.  Every time.  He is also amazing with his subjects!  The first time I ever did a photo shoot with him, all three children felt so comfortable with him, it was like he has been their closest friend their whole lives.  I was astounded at how well they took direction from him and how well he related to each of their personalities.  He can capture the personality of your child or pet in every shot.  The emotions of each moment come through so beautifully in all of his pictures.  We have counted on him for annual family portraits for the past four years and we always look forward to our photo shoots.  Patrick is very creative when it comes to locations for shoots and is always looking for a good spot to be able to capture whatever meaning you are going for.  We have never gone to the same spot twice and we have never been disappointed! Patrick is a natural and true professional and perhaps one of the kindest individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet.                  - Amanda

Patrick is far more than a photographer. Yes, he has years of experience and he truly respects his medium.  He understands how to play in and out of light, use backgrounds to change the emotions taken from the pictures, and his editing cannot just capture a beautiful smile and make it twinkle, he has a talent for getting the picture at the perfect moments that makes your heart skip a beat and puts butterflies in your stomach.

One day four years ago, the stars aligned and I found Patrick.  He took my daughter's 1st birthday photos.  The images he captured led me to book him for the next four years, photographing my little girls birthdays.  Oh yeah, he'll be there for the next to come.  Patrick's pictures are the physical memories I have of my daughter.  I see the pictures in my home and in my parents' adorning the walls as our most prized possessions.  I see his shots and little tears of pride well up, because he didn't just capture a moment well, he captured the essence of who my daughter was at that age and he's flawlessly catalogued her life where I can go back on demand and relive my little girl as she was when she was 12 months or 3 years old.  His pictures are how I will remember my daughter for my life.  -Craig